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Spider Gwen
Oil on Panel, 18x24 inches, 2019
Marvel Platinum 2024

Oil on Panel, 12x16 inches, 2016
Client: Tor Books

The Woman Whose Feet Didn't Touch The Ground
Oil on Panel, 18x24 inches, 2023

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Dragon Rider
Oil on Panel, 30x40 inches, 2022
Client: Wizards of the Coast

The Head Can't Know
What The Hand Has Done
Oil on Panel, 16x24 inches, 2020
Client: Reckless Deck

The Drowning City
Oil on Panel, 16x24 inches, 2019
Client: Dark Horse Comics

The Beast
Oil on Panel, 16x24 inches, 2014
Client: Dark Horse Comics

Ivory Wings
Oil on Panel, 16x20 inches, 2012
Client: Applibot

Three Ghosts of the AEF
Oil on Panel, 12x18 inches, 2021
Client: Midworld Press

The Biological Specimen

Oil on Panel, 112x18 inches, 2022
Client: Easton Press