The Gritty
Magic: the Gathering
Terrible Weakness. Oil on panel, 36x48, 2012. Featured in At The Edge: The Art of the Fantastic

Fed. Oil on panel, 36x48, 2012. Spectrum 20 Gold Medal Winner

The Incident of the Harrowmoor Dogs, 16x24, 2013. Subterranean Press

The Old Ones Return. Oil on panel, 18x24, 2012
Aliens (#1). Oil on panel, 16x24, 2013, Dark Horse Comics

The Clearing. Oil on panel, 24x36, 2012. Dark Horse Comics

Taken. Oil on panel, 24x36, 2012

The Watching Trees. Oil on panel, 30x40, 2013

They Are All Equal Now. oil on panel, 12x16, 2012
Tereshkova. Oil on panel, 18x24, 2013

Ten Rods. Oil on panel, 18x24, 2012
Ivory Wings. Oil on panel. 16x20, 2012. Legends of the Cryptids
2013 Chesley Award winner (gaming illustration)

Jack the Ripper. Oil on panel. 18x24, 2012

Unknowable. Oil on panel, 36x48, 2013

The Graveyard. Oil on panel, 18x24, 2012

God's War. Oil on illustration board, 18x27, 2010. Night Shade Books. Spectrum 18 Gold Medal Winner

Sleep. Oil on illustration board, 15x25, 2010. Last Minute Comics. Spectrum 18 Silver Medal Winner
Strength. Oil on illustration board, 14x21, 2011. Tarot Series